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LIgA - (The !) Anti-Nuclear-Homepage  -Have a look at the latest news from Gorleben !
CASTOR - Latest news, during the critical phase several times a day (Gorleben)
Castor-Nix-Da - very versatile, also the "history of the protest" in english!
BÖHMschE Dörfer - Freiburg (Tree-camp,... against the B31 Ost) (...also engl.)
Rudi´s Heimseite - Animal Rights + latest demonstration dates
VdTR - Animal Rights
Free !

Temelin Homepage - NVDA against nuclear power in the Czech Republic

Encyclopaedia of Direct Action

Third Battle of Newbury
A30 Action!
Guilford´s A320 Road Protest Camp
Bingley Road Protest (Rye Loaf Camp)
Reclaim the Streets
Earth First! UK (Direct Action-Network)
Hunt Saboteurs Accociation
McSpotlight (McLibel Campaign) -McDonalds
SchNEWS on the Web

Small World Media

Trees for Life
Food not Bombs

ASEED - Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development

Good starting-points:
ZAK - Hot Spots    (german)
Envirolink (!!!)

And: ...The minister of transport Wissmann

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