Home sweet home

This page ist hosted at FREE! . Currently FREE! is run by a hardware zoo consisting of: m68k , sparc and i386 cpu's running NeXTSTep, Openstep, Solaris and FreeBSD.

While we love our good old hardware we are trying to set up something new based on AMD-K7 running FreeBSD-stable.

Here is a list of my current efforts :

Software I love to play around with:

Miscellaneous scripts and tools:

Soon I will be suppling more technical information and links on this page. Also I am planning to supply information on the following topics:

Update of the page is delayed through a software project !!!
start of project: 28.8.2000
estimated end: 15.10.2000
realisation >89%
Stay tuned - I'll be back !

Sascha Gresk
Last modified: Thu Oct 12 10:21:18 CEST 2000